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Leo IV and Constantine V 775-780 AD c 776-778 AD
It was at the height of the Iconoclastic problem under Constantine the V when his son Leo IV married Irene of Athens. On January 14, 771 Irene gave birth to a son the future Emperor Constantine VI. Constantine V died September 14, 775 and the twenty five year old Leo IV succeeded him. Leo IV remained an ardent Iconoclast however the internal religious conflict became calmer. He did not share the sharp enmity against monks of his fanatical Iconoclast father Constantine V. The moderation was influenced from Irene to whom all image worshipers turned hopeful faces. Obverse Leo IV, with short beard on left and beardless Constantine VI on right, each wearing crown and chlamys while between their heads is a pellet and cross. Lεon VS S ε44on ConsτΑnτinos o nεos. Reverse Leo III on left and Constantine V on right, both with short beards, each wearing crown and loros while between their heads are pellet and cross, Lεon PAP ConsτΑnτinos PAτHR.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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