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Michael II, the Amorian December 25 820 – October 2 829 AD
Michael II’s life paralleled Justin I’s in the sense he was an uneducated military man who demonstrated an astute ability to govern the Empire. He was neutral with Iconoclastic issue. Early in his reign he had to deal with the rebellion of his former comrade Thomas who aligned with the Arabs to besiege Constantinople for one year. Thomas was executed after Michael crushed the revolt in 823 with the aid of the Bulgars. The island of Crete was lost to the Muslims, a serious loss. Michael died in 829 and his son Theophilos succeeded him. Obverse cross potent on three steps triple border IhSuS XRISTuS nICA. Reverse in five lines; triple border +MiXA/HL PISTOS MEgAS bA/SILEuS RO/MAIOn
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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