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Constantine XI Palaeologos; 1448-1453
SIEGE issue Stavraton or Half Hyperpyron 1453
With the Ottoman threat against the Byznatines imminent Constantine XI Paleologos made a desperate attempt to secure Latin assistance in the defense of Cosnatntinople. After an Orthodox and Catholic Church unification service was authorized and conducted in Saint Sophia, the most revered Monk Genadios questioned as to why the Byzantines should trust the Latins over God for the future of Orthodox Christianity. The Grand Duke Notaras, proclaimed he would rather see the Turkish turban over the Latin Miter in the City. The Byzantines consciously chose their religion over their City. Constantine was ready to safeguard the people’s ruling. Instead of betraying their Orthodox faith the Byzantines were prepared to accept their destiny under an Ottoman authority. The nobles and citizenry rallied around their emperor and made preparations to defend the city. Coins of this type look cruder than the earlier issues of Constantine XI as they were hastily struck to pay for the defensive preparation for the imminent attack by Mehmet II. Obverse Christ in himation IC and B. Reverse KWNCTANTINOC ΔΕCΠΟΤΗC Ο ΠΑΛΕΟΛΟΓ in the outer circle. ΘV ΧΑΡΙΤΗ ΒΑCΙΛΕΩC ΡΟΜΕΟΝ in the inner circle. Portrait of emperor wearing loros.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: “100 Greatest Ancient Coins”, published in 2008 by Harlan J. Berk, # 94, Courtesy Harlan J. Berk, LTD

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