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Michael VI Bringas-Stratiotikos. 1056-1057 AD
Michael VI Bringas-Stratiotikos (Μιχαήλ ΣΤ΄ Βρίγγας also called Stratiotikos – Στρατιοτικός or "the Military One") was an elderly patrician that sereved Byzantine Emperor from 1056 to 1057.He was a former military finance minister (and hence the epithet Stratiotikos). The Empress Theodora, having been advised by her most trusted advisor Leo Paraspondylos, chose Michael as her successor shortly before her death in early September, 1056.Almost from the get go Theodosios, the nephew of the former emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, hatched an unsuccessful conspiracy against Michael VI.When he restored general Nikephoros Bryennios to his former rank after he had been sidelined by Theodora he did not return his wealth and estates. This did not please the aristocracy and alienated the military.Bryennios plotted a coup against Michael VI and the emperor was captured. The military nobility to rally around Isaac I Komnenos, who on June 8, 1057 was proclaimed emperor in Paphlagonia.Bureaucratic factions suppoting Michael VI assembled an army against the rebels only to be defeated by Isaac Komnenos at the Battle of Petroe near Nicaea. Michael VI attempted to negotiate with the rebels and Isaac. The disquieting situation could not be resolved and the patriarch Michael Keroularios convinced Michael VI to abdicate in Isaac's favor on August 31, 1057. Michael VI was tonsured a monk and died in his private home there by 1059. Obverse nimbate Christ wearing cruciger, pallium, and colobium and holding book of Gospels within a double dotted border +IhS XIS REX REςNANTInm. Reverse the nimbate Virgin on the right and bearded Michael on the left. The Virgin wears a pallium and maphorium and with Her right hand crowns the emperor who is wearing a jeweled chlamys and holds globus cruciger in his left hand. Between them “MΘ” with a line above each letter all within a double dotted border +MIXA - HL Au – TOCRAT.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions, LLC

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