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Valentinian II c 378-383 AD
AE 2
Flavius Valentinianus (Valentinian II) was born c 371 and died 15 May 392 was Roman Emperor from 375 to 392 A.D. He was the son of Emperor Valentinian I and his second wife, Justina and the half-brother of Gratian. (Gratian was Valentinian I’s son with Marina Severa. Valentinian I divorced Severa before he ascended to the throne in order to marry Justina the, widow of the usurper Magnentius). Valentinian I died in 375 after a hemorrhagic stroke while in the Danube region. Valentinian I’s generals acclaimed the four-year old boy Valentinian II Augustus in 375 half-brother and Gratian as regent. Gratian was murdered in Lugdunum in 383 while fighting the usurper Magnus Maximus forcing Valentinian II and Justina to seek Theodosios’ protection in Thessalonica. The alliance was sealed after Valentinian’s sister Galla married Thoedosios restoring Valentiaian II emperor in the West. General Arbogastes, who aligned with Theodoisos, undermined all imperial authority having Valentinian II strangled on May 15th, 392 at the age of 21. Obverse helmeted, diademed, draped & cuirassed Valentinian II holding a spear & shield DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG. Reverse Valentinian is standing on a galley, raising his right hand, Victory seated at helm wreath in left field, Cross in right field, GLORIA RO-MANORVM, ANTε
Mint: Antioch (modern Antakya Turkey)
Provenance: Private acquisition

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