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Constantine VII and Zoe
Follis c 913–919
Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos "the Purple-born" (Κωνσταντϊνος Ζ΄ Πορφυρογέννητος), was the child of Leo VI the Wise and Zoe Karbonopsina (Ζωή Καρβωνοψίνα "with the Coal-Black Eyes"). Desperate to for a boy, Leo VI married his mistress Zoe in 906, after she had given birth to the future Constantine VII September 2, 905 . Leo VI married Zoe with the assistance of a cooperative priest but without the consent of the Patriatch who felt the emperors fourth wedding was not canonical.He was born and died at. Leo had not yet wed his fourth wife Zoe and to geive legitimacy to his son the birthing occurred in the “purple room” which is reserved only for birthing legitimate reigning empresesses. Constantine VII would become the fourth Emperor of the Macedonian dynasty reigning from 913 to 95 although most of his reign was dominated by other co-regents. He was junior co-emperor 908–913 with Leo VI, sole emperor 913–919 (under regency with mother), junior co-emperor 920–945 (under father in law Romanos Lekapenos) and finally sole emperor 945 until his death on November 9, 959 at an age of 54. Obverse crowned Constantine VII on left and Zoe on right both and holding between them long patriarchal cross Constantine wears loros, while his mother is clad in chlamys. Reverse +COnS/TAnTinO'/CE ZOH bA/SILIS RO/MEOn in five lines
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition*

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