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John V Palaeologus and John VI Kantacuzenus as co Emperors (1347-1353).
Born in Constantinople John Kantakouzenos was the son of the wealthy aristocrat Michael Kantakouzenos, governor of the Morea. He spent most of his career in the service of his second cousin Emperor Andronikos III Palaiologos. On the death of the Andronikos in 1341, John Kantakouzenos was the designated regent and guardian of his nine year old son John V Palaiologos but was opposed by John V’s mother empress Anna of Savoy who suspected him to be a usurper. A six year civil war ensued after which John VI Kantakouzenos prevailed after he struck a bargain with the Ottoman Turks. In 1347 forcibly exercised his prerogative to act as joint emperor with John V Palaiologos and sole administrator until John V come to age. The weakened empire was assailed on every side and the displeased Byzantines were far eager to have John V as their emperor when the time came. Kantakouzenos retired to a monastery until his death. Obverse The Theotokos orans, nimbate and wearing maphorium, within city-walls with four groups of towers Є B & Φ Δ. Reverse kneeling John V and John VI, wearing stemma with pendilia and loros over divitision on either side of Christ with his hands above their heads IW ЄN XW IC and XCB.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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