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Michael II the Amorian with his son Theophilus 820-829
Solidus of Michael II (aka the Stammerer - ὁ Τραυλός) c 821-829
Michael II (Μιχαήλ Β') the Amorian or the Stammerer (ὁ Τραυλός or ὁ Ψελλός), reigned as Byzantine Emperor from December 820 to his death on October 2, 829 and was the founder of the Phrygian or Amorian dynasty. Michael was born in 770 in Amorium in Phrygia. His family members were mercenaries who received land from the government for their military service.Michael was in the service of Leo V the Armenian who elevated him to high ranks. A disgruntled Michael on the other hand led a conspiracy against him which resulted in Leo’s assassination Christmas Eve 820. Michael II was an iconoclast but he reconciled with the iconodules allowing them to return from exile. Michael’s earliest threat was Thomas the Slav and his revolt against Michael lasted until spring 824. Michael's last years were marked by the beginning of the Muslim conquest of Sicily and the fall of Crete to the Saracens. He died of natural causes October 2, 829. Obverse Crowned and draped Michael wearing a short beard, holding globus cruciger and cruciform scepter; star to left ΜΙΧ ΑΗL bASILεY. Reverse Crowned facing bust of Theophilus, beardless, wearing loros, cruciform scepter and depicts his fingers while holding a globus cruciger ΘεFILO) εSPS + ε
Mint: Constantinople mint
Provenance: Private acquisition Ex Hunt collection, Ex Sotheby’s December 1990 Lot 642 (one of two)

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