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Constantine VIII. (December 15, 1025 - November 15, 1028 AD)
Gold stamenon nomisma
Constantine VIII was the son of the Emperor Romanos II and Theophano and the younger brother of Basil II with whom he was made co-emperor by their father from 962 until Basil’s death December 15, 1025. The childless Basil II left Constantine VIII sole emperor until his own death on November 15, 1028. Constantine showed no interest in government preferring entertainment and outdoor sporting events until his brother died. His reign was a disastrous as he lacked in political and administrative skills. He was cruel to his opponents ordering the execution or mutilation of hundreds of innocent citizens. He and the empress Helena had three daughters, Eudokia, Theodora and Zoe but no male heir. On his deathbed he arranged the marriage of Zoe with Romanos Argyros. Obverse nimbate Christ wearing pallium and colobium while raising right hand in benediction, book of Gospels in left hand, triple border +IhSXISREX REqNANTIhM. Reverse Constantine VIII with a long beard, wearing crown and loros and holding labarum and akakia +CWhSTAhTIh bASILEYS ROM.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Provenance: Private acquisition ex Harlan J Berk LTD inventory

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