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Artavasdus, July 742 - Nov. 2, 743 AD
Gold Solidus with his son Nikephoros.
Artavasdus rose to power when appointed strategos of the Armeniakon by Anastasius II. When Anastasios died Artavasdus made an alliance with Leo III overthrowing Theodosius III. He married Leo's daughter Anna to seal the coalition. After the accession of Leo's son Constantine V, Artavasdus rebelled against his brother-in-law, and overtook Constantinople. He abandoned Iconoclasm to the city's great joy. His son Nikephoros was appointed co-emperor, while the reign was recognized by Pope Zacharias. November 2, 743 Artabasdus' reign came to an end as Constantine V entered Constantinople and apprehended his rivals publicly blinding them in the Hippodrome. Artavasdus' date of death is unknown. Obverse bearded Artavasdus wearing crown with chalmys and holding globus cruciger and akakia J APTAЧA SDOS MЧLT. Reverse is his beardless son Nicephorus wearing a crown, loros and holding globus, cruciger with akakia J NIChLOR ЧSMЧLTЧ AΘ.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Courtesy Harlan J. Berk, LTD.

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