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Romanos II 959-963 AD son of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus.
Solidus. The repunched legend of this type represents coins from the beginning of the joint reign with Romanos II.
Although several notable accomplishments were achieved during his three year reign they were really as a result of others initiatives of whom most noteworthy was the future emperor Nicephorus Phocas who reconquered Crete and caputed the Arab stronghold of Alepo in Syria. He died at the age of twenty four while his wife Theophano bore him two sons, the future emperos Basil II and Constantine VIII. Obverse nimbate Christ holding book of Gospels + IhS XPS RεX RεGNANTIuM. Reverse Constantine VII and Romanus II with patriarchal cross between them the inscription should be COnSTAnT Cε ROMAn AVGG but is repunched. For the minting details related to these coins please see the details on BC00257 below.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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