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Julian the Apostate 360-363 AD
AE 1 Δ is the 4rth officina. Called the Apostate for his attempt to revitalize the pagan gods it is said his final words were "You have won, Galilean" ( νενίκηκάς με, Γαλιλαῖε, Vicisti, Galilaee)
Julian the Apostate (the Philosopher) was born Flavius Claudius Julianus 331/332. He was a nephew of Constantine the Great and last emperor of the Constantinian dynasty. He streamlined the empire’s efficiency by purging the bureaucracy. A man of letters he attempted to revive Neo-Platonic paganism at the expense of Christianity earning him the title “Apostate”. In his haste to chase off a retreating force during the battle of Samarra in Persia he did not wear his tunic and received a fatal abdominal injury. Obverse draped, cuirassed pearl-diademed Julian D N FL CL IVLI - ANVS P F AVG. Reverse two stars above a bull SECVRITAS REI PVB CONSP Δ.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Courstesy Harlan J. Berk, LTD.

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