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Leo I 457-474 AD, First Imperial coronation by a Patriarch
Solidus c 457-468 AD
Leo was born in 401 and served in the Roman army. Leo was proclaimed Emperor on February 7, 457. It was the first time on record that a coronation service was preceded by the Patriarch of Constantinople and he was the first Eastern Emperor to legislate in Greek rather than Latin. He was the last of a series of emperors placed on the throne by Aspar who thought Leo would be an easy puppet ruler in the East. Leo I aligned with the Isaurians who helped him eliminate Aspar. The price of the alliance was the marriage of Leo's daughter Adriane to Zeno. Obverse helmeted, diademed, and cuirassed Leo I with spear and shield decorated with a horseman riding down an enemy D N LEO PERPET AVC. Reverse standing Victory with a long jeweled cross resting on ground and star behind her wing VICTORIA AVCCC I CONOB.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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