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Theodore I Komnenos-Laskaris 1208-1222 AD.
Empire of Nicaea silver trachy
After the invasion of Constantinople by the Latins during the fourth crusade the Byzantines fled in various directions. The Despotate of Epirus was formed in the west while Theodore I shrewdly formed the Empire of Nicaea in Asia Minor. The Latin Emperor of Constantinople and the Sultan of Iconium both tried to erase this Byzantine pocket in Asia Minor. Theodore, by virtue of his sheer might of character rallied the Byzantines to thwart both opposing forces. In 2008 he was crowned legitimate Byzantine successor by the Orthodox Patriarch and then oversaw an effective administration. Upon his death in 1222 he left his son John III Ducas-Vatatzis a secure enough state that could look forward to recapturing Constantinople. Obverse Christ enthroned. Reverse Theodore I and St. Theodore both holding between them a staff crowned by a star.
Mint: Magnesia (modern Manisa)
Provenance: Private acqusition

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