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Basil II, Bulgaroktonos 976-1025, c 1005-1025.
Gold histamenon nomisma
As successors to John I Tzimisces Basil II and Constantine VIII reigned for about 50 years. Constantine was more interested in the pleasures in life giving way to the brilliant and dynamic Basil II. In the early years internal threats by his father’s military and advisors had to be suppressed. Basil was able to prevail these rebellions so he could successfully deal with the threat of Samuel, the leader of the Bulgarian Empire. He smashed these adversaries earning the title Bulgaroktonos (= slayer of Bulgarians). When Samuel died in 1014 the Bulgarian Empire became incorporated into the Byzantine state. Obverse triple bordered Christ wearing a nimbus cruciger ornamented with two crescents in its upper quarters and dressed with a pallium and colobium, the right hand raised in benediction holding the book of Gospels in his left. +hIS XIS REX REqNANTINM. Reverse Basil with short beard wearing loros of lozenge pattern on left and Constantine beardless is clad in plain chlamys on right, both crowned and holding between them a long plain cross +BASSIL’ C CONSTANT’ bR.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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