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Romanos II 959-963 AD, son of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus
Gold Solidus
This issue is likely attributed to the Byzantine Emperor Romanus II. According to the report “Dealing with Chance and Probability in Numismatic Research" published by F. Fueg in the Revue Suisse de Num. 76, 1997, Anhang IV, B4 the repunched legend signifies it is a coin from the beginning of the reign of Romanos II. Prior to these examples the only known solidi of Romanos II depicted the sole portrait of this emperor (D.O. Vol. III Part 2 Pl. 40 Romanos II, Berk NC3). Notable that the obverse portrait of Christ is almost identical and the Romanos II coins that have as reverse both Constantine VII with Romanos II and the examples with Romanos II alone on the reverse. Both Christ dies were done by the same hand at the same time. This demonstartes that the repunched issue comes just before the sole portrait. Obverse nimbate Christ holding book of Gospels + IhS XPS RεX RεGNANTIuM. Reverse Constantine VII and Romanus II with patriarchal cross between them the inscription should be COnSTAnT Cε ROMAn AVGG but is repunched.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acqusition

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