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Romanos I & Christopher 920-944 AD
Solidus c 921-31 AD. Numismatically this issue is under Constantine VII (913-959). (This coin is without Constantine VII and is commoner. Presumably Romanos advance these issues over others as he intended to advance his sons. He did not want the legi
Romanos I Lekapenos was of Armenian ancestry and the commander of the imperial fleet. He was appointed as the regent for Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos when the empire faced the military crisis against Symeon of Bulgaria. After his success Romanos I elevated himself to the rank of co-emperor and subsequently elevated his three sons Christopher, Stephen and Constantine to the same position. The empire thus had five simultaneous emperors. Romanos made every attempt short of assassination to sideline Constantine VII. The issuing of this coin series attests Christopher was given precedence over Constantine VII. Christopher however died in 931 after which Romanos did not advance his younger sons Stephen and Constantine. Known for their immorality the two surviving Lekapeni arrested their father five days before Christmas, December 944, compelling him to accept monastic vows on the Prince's Islands monastery. In an unforeseen turn of events the citizens of the empire sidelined the brothers and rallied for their legitimate emperor Constantine VII, the grandson of Basil I, born of purple. Holy Thursday 946, the tormented Romanos I asked for transgressional absolution before an assembly of 300 monks. He passed to the Lord June 13, 948. Obverse enthroned nimbate Christ +Ih SXPSREX RGNANTIuM *. Reverse bearded Romanos and bearless Christpher holding a long patriarchal cross. ROMAn’ ETXPISTOFOAu99’b.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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