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Theophilos 829-842 AD
Solidus c 830-840
Theophilos (813 –January 20, 842) was of Armenian heritage and reigned from 829 to 842. His father Michael II crowned Theophilos co-emperor in 822, shortly after his own accession. Theophilos received an extensive education demonstrating many artistic interests. October 2, 829 Theophilos succeeded his father as emperor and took a stricter iconoclastic position forbidding the veneration of icons in 832. Theophilos waged wars against the Arabs in Sicily and Cilicia and the negotiated peace between Bulgaria and the Byzantine Empire. On July 21, 838 general Afshin of the court of Persian Abbasid caliphs defeated Theophilos at the Battle of Anzen. The full Abbasid army advanced against the fortress Amorion, the home town of Theophilos’ dynasty, which fell on September 23, 838 to Mutasim. Theophilos took this defeat with great anguish resulting in health problems. He died on January 20, 842 of dysentery. Obverse crowned Theophilos holding patriarchal cross and akakia *ΘEOFI-LOS bASILEU. Reverse Michael II and Constantine with a cross between their heads +MIXAHL S CONSTANTIN.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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