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Alexios III (Angelos-Komnenos) 1195-1203
Alexios ascended to the thrown after overthrowing his younger brother Isaac II whom he blinded and imprisoned. Under Alexios III, the fourth crusade took place against Byzantium by the Venetians. He fled the capital allowing his brother to return to the throne as a puppet ruler of the crusaders. Obverse Christ is standing on a dais wearing pallium and colobium, and raising his right hand in sanction IC XC KЄRO HΘЄI. Reverse Alexius (on left) wearing a crown, divitision and chlamys, and holding am akakia in his right hand, and St. Constantine (on right) wearing divitision and loros are holding a patriarchal cross AΛЄΞI Ω ΔЄCΠOT TΩKOMN-NM.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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