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Constantine IX Monomachos 1042-1055 AD.
Silver 2/3 miliaresion Panagia Blachernitissa. Commemorative of the 600th anniversary of Church of The Theotokos at Blachernae.
The obverse of this coin represents the Icon of the Virgin Theotokos at Blachernae. Blachernae (Βλαχερναί) was in the northwestern section of Constantinople (see northern aspect of historical map). Originally outside the walls of the city a number of churches were built here close to a natural spring. In 627 the walls were expanded to include this section of the city. Under Alexios I the Palace of Blachernae was built which became the main residence of the emperors from 1081 AD to 1453 AD. Tekfur Sarayı (The Palace of the Porphyrogenitos) is the only surviving structure of the Palace of Blachernae. Blachernitissa was a church in honor of the Theotokos (Mother of God) that became the second-most important church in Constantinople after Hagia Sophia. In 1453, during the final siege of Constantinople the Byzantine defenders failed to block the nearby Kerkoporta gate, enabling the Ottomans to enter the city. Obverse H ΒΛAXEPNITICA MHP ΘV with nimbate Virgin wearing pallium and maphorium Reverse ΘKER, Θ, KΩNCTANTINΩ ΔECΠOTH TΩ MONOMA–X.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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