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Theodora (984 – 1056) c 11 January 1055 - 31 August 1056 AD
Gold histamenon nomisma
Theodora (984 – 1056), the daughter of Constantine VIII and Helena, was a Byzantine Empress with a strong and austere character. She was co-empress with her sister Zoe in 1042 and from January 11, 1055 to August 31, 1056 was the sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire when her sister Zoe died. Theodora never married and after she died on the 31st day of August 1056 had no successor. She was the last Macedonian dynasty monarch. Obverse Christ with cross nimbus, holding Gospels, wearing chiton and himation. + IhS XIS REX REGNANTI hM. Reverse Theodora standing next to nimbate Theotokos s wearing chiton and maphorium M Θ + ΘЄOΔΩPΑ ΑVΓOVCTΑ
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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