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This is an ancient numismatic hobbyist web site created to share our appreciation of historical, geographical and cultural aspects of ancient world. The coins described on this site are not for sale.

PenolopeThe inspiration for our site is Homer’s Penelope. After her husband King Odysseus of Ithaca left for Troy she faced 20 years of pressures by her suitors to marry. Yet, Penelope and her son Telemachus, patiently and vigilantly remained devoted to King Odysseus until he returned to Ithaca.

Patience is an important aspect of our hobby as is discernment for the quality and rarity of coins we collect.

Ancient celators were not merely hired by a state to strike coins for commercial use. They were asked to create distinctive coins. As these coins were exchanged through out the ancient world they would transmit a glimpse of the cultural and artistic refinement of the issuing nation. These celators were so successful they preserved some of these cultural signatures over 2500 years.

We list coins chronologically and divide them into three major categories: Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman and Ancient Byzantine. We have selected certain historical milestones for arranging the coins which deviate from some numismatic conventions.

On January 10, 49 BC Julius Caesar proclaimed “Alea Iacta Est” (let the die be cast) and crossed the Rubicon. This irrevocable initiative heralds an era of civil conflict and starts our description of Roman Imperatorial Coins. The imperatorial period continues until 27 BC when Octavian gestured the full power to the Roman Senate. Numismatists consider the beginning of Byzantine coins after 498 AD when the new reform bronze “follis/ 40 nummia” coins were introduced under Anastasios I. We designate our starting reference of the Byzantine series with Constantine the Great who founded the Byzantine capital Constantinople in 330 AD.

Using this format we have generated an interactive chronological and geographic relationship of the coins displayed and offer a brief historical commentary about each coin.

We hope you enjoy perusing at our website. Please e-mail us your questions or comments at PenelopeCoins@aol.com.